One Thing I Can't Live Without Every Morning

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I’ve always been a seasonal coffee drinker for as long as I can remember.

Normally during the cooler months I’d choose a warm cup over cold, but as soon as I tried cold brew I’ve been team iced coffee ever since!



I like to mix it with almond milk and a little agave for a touch of sweetness.

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I love that you can adjust how strong your cup is by how much water or milk you add.

Since becoming a mom, I opt for the stronger the better! When I was grocery shopping last month I saw Dunkin’ Donuts Cold Brew Coffee Packs to make easily at home and I’ve been hooked since

All you have to do is stick two of the coffee packs in a pitcher of water then put in the fridge overnight.  Easy Peasy!

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Before leaving on our trip last month I stopped by the Walmart in our neighborhood to grab a few things including sunscreen and Cold Brew Coffee Packs!

Every time we go to Mexico, I always brew a pot of coffee when we get to our condo and keep it in the fridge to make iced coffees.

It never tastes the same especially on day three or four. As we were leaving I decided to stick the cold brew coffee packs in my suitcase so I could enjoy the good stuff on vacation.  I’m so glad I did!