How To Make A DIY Boxwood Backdrop That Will Surely Stand Out!


  1. Cristy says:

    OMG! I don’t think I could love this backdrop any more!!! I need an excuse to make it!!! Thank you for the instructions.

  2. Crystal says:

    Beautiful!! How did you get it to stand safely?

  3. Veronica says:

    May want to cut the plywood a bit small than the greenery. The greenery I ordered was not exactly 40×40 and left me with edges exposed.

  4. Natasha says:

    Where did you get the greenery????

  5. Demetria says:

    How did you get it to stand up?

  6. Taneva says:

    Hay so I would love to make this but when I click on link it’s pieces at $122 for each 40×40 is that current?

  7. Demi says:

    About how many flowers did you use?

  8. Jessica Edmond says:

    How much greenery did you purchase for this?

    help currently ordering

  9. XOXO says:

    How does it stand up?

  10. Suzanne says:

    If I wanted to stand free and not against the wall with some legs, is the board sturdy enough?

    • Meredith Staggers says:

      Hi Suzanne,

      This board is cut into two pieces so it will fold for easy transportation. If you want to have it be more permanent, you could do one piece of plywood at least an inch thick and build legs! Hope that helps!

  11. alex says:

    These flowers would only last an hour.

  12. LISA says:

    Hello how can you hang this with out the board. I want to be able to travel with it to and from party

    Thank you

  13. courtnay says:

    What did this end up costing you?

    • Meredith Staggers says:

      Hi Courtnay – it was about $400 but we got a TON of use out of it so it paid for itself. 🙂 It would have been cheaper without the flowers!

  14. Danielle says:

    There wasn’t any concern about this falling over? I want to do this, but I’m nervous about having it leaning against the wall. I wouldn’t want to crush any toddlers. :/ What was your experience?

    • Meredith Staggers says:

      Hi Danielle! We didn’t have any issues! It was leaning enough to where it would take quite a bit to pull it over. It was pretty sturdy! Another option would be to use bungee cords across the front of it that would be hidden in the boxwoods and secure the cords to something on either side of the wall for added protection and peace of mind! 🙂

  15. Hecter says:

    I love your website! If we’re creating a 6×8 wall, what would be the size of the plywood pieces? 3×8?

  16. Dawn says:

    This is so awesome! I am making a smaller version to fit on a tabletop, using 20" boxwood panels instead. I’m going to make it with pegboard so I can reuse it and stick different items through instead of stapling!

  17. Jennifer says:

    What SIZE hinge and screws did you use to secure it on such a thin plywood?

  18. Rita says:

    When applying the hinges, did you have the wood sides or the greenery folding to the inside?

  19. ROBERT says:

    how much did u spend for this? Are there any cheaper alternatives

    • Meredith Staggers says:

      Hi Robert! It was around $350-400 total but I reused it quite a few times so it was worth it! You can buy the flowers from the dollar store to save some money!

    • Kristina says:

      I bought my boxwood panels through dhgate for a discounted price. Cost around $250-$300 for everything but the flowers.

      • Angel says:

        Hi Kristina. Can you share the link to panels on dhgate please?

      • Kate says:

        Did you actually make this? She said the size is 6.5 ft tall (78inches) by 8 ft wide (96 inches) how did you use the 40×40 squares? Sorry but the math isn’t making sense just wondering if someone could help me out or if I am missing something ?

  20. LETRECE says:

    What did you secure the hinges with? it’s going through the plywood but still looose. there’s nothing for it to grab on the other side.

  21. Where did you get the fake flowers from? This is beautiful. You did such a great job!!

  22. stacie says:

    Hey Doll first of all great job! I need to make something similar to this. Is the greenery actually LIVE greenery? if not where would one buy the greenery for the flowers to go on?

  23. stacie says:

    HA never mind I saw the link that you put!

  24. Connie Acevedo says:

    They plywood pieces just stand against the wall???

  25. Angel says:

    Hi Meredith

    The more affordable option link takes you to a 12pc boxwood option which is too much.
    The link in your list for the boxwood is unavailable on Amazon.
    Can you recommend any other sites to get the four pieces at a reasonable price?

    Also how can we change flowers often without stapling as this might damage the boxwood from constantly putting and removing flowers.


  26. Pat says:

    Hi. This is so awesome. I was wondering How do you make the panel stand up straight? Or do you have the panels leaning against the wall? If it’s leaning against the wall how do you make sure it doesn’t slide? Thanks so much

    • Kate says:

      Did you actually make this? She said the size is 6.5 ft tall (78inches) by 8 ft wide (96 inches) how did you use the 40×40 squares? Sorry but the math isn’t making sense just wondering if someone could help me out or if I am missing something

      • Cesarina says:

        you’re right.. her math is wrong on the total size. This project calls for 1/4 inch plywood cut into two pieces 40×80 inches. When the two pieces are together the whole thing will be 80"x 80" or 6’8"x 6’8" – Not 6.5ft x 8ft . So the (4) 40"x40" boxwood panels will work.

    • Meredith Staggers says:

      I have just always leaned it up against the wall. It has always seemed sturdy enough for me?! I think you could also attach bungee cords to something around it to help secure it a little more.

  27. Such lovely boxwood backdrop. And this wreath <a href="">DIY tutorial</a> is so clear to follow.

  28. Is this free standing? How portable do you feel this would be? In the planning stages myself! Love it!!

  29. Ajia Rivera says:

    If i were to use only 3 boxes how big would that be?

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