I'm Meredith!




I'm Meredith, mama to Piper June (aka my cheerful little reason to throw party after party) and wife to Trent.

I'm addicted to color, having fun, and keeping it real.

I'm Meredith!

I'm happiest when looking around a (usually messy and confetti-strewn) room filled with the people I love. The littles are running around crazy, fueled by sugar and momentum, and the laughter from my friends is louder than the music. The joy in the room is palpable and we'll all go home from the party feeling so much better than we did when we first arrived - less alone and less stressed out from work, more joyful and more excited than when we arrived.

And I know why: 



gathering together is what we're meant to do

I'm making it my mission to help you gather with your friends and family, to throw a gorgeous and fun party without the pre-party meltdown. You know the one - where you wonder why you ever thought this was a good idea, and just who do you think you are? "Martha freaking Stewart? Nope."

But don't worry. I've got you. You CAN throw a fun, simple, and beautiful party. And I'll be here to help you along the way!

And I rely on Amazon Prime as heavily as I do the nearest Starbucks drive through.

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'cause in my truest form ...

I'm a mama in a top bun, running around in eight different directions.

I'm a mama in a top bun, running around in eight directions.

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When I first started tying balloons together and covering everything in confetti and glitter, I honestly never could have imagined this colorful ride I'd find myself on. But I've had the huge honor of working with some incredible brands and partnerships I truly believe in. Including ...



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