How To Make The Perfect Bruch Grazing Board

Cake & Confetti

Cheese boards, charcuterie boards and grazing boards are all similar but I how much variety the term grazing board allows.

You have as much freedom as you’d like to create something beautiful for your guests.



We have mini scones, silver dollar pancakes and chocolate dipped madelines from the grocery store bakery, a variety of fruit, boiled eggs, cured ham to go with the brunch theme, radishes for color, a few simple cheeses including goat cheese covered in blackberry preserves – yum!

I decided to mix things up and use letter cutters to write a fun message with fruit.

Pick a Theme

The easiest way to make sure your charcuterie board turns out bright and colorful is to pick a theme or a color palette before shopping.

Sleep More

Go with the 80/20 Rule

Whenever I plan my boards you not only want them to look pretty but you also want them to fill up your guests and you want people to actually eat them! I always want my boards to be 80% healthy.

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

It is smart to pick out the size of the board you want to fill before you start shopping so you can keep that in mind and not overspend.

Add a Dip 

Not only are dips great for all the veggies but they fill up the board and allow you to add flavors that work with any diet.

This is where you can add in candies, colorful cheeses and unique fruits that people might not be familiar with but will have a great time trying and talking about the items!

Now It's Time For The Fun Stuff 

Be Mindful of Your Grazing Board Colors

Keeping the color balanced throughout the board is what is going to really make your board amazing!