Maximizing Our Kitchen With Shelfgenie

Cake & Confetti

I’m so happy to say our kitchen is complete just in time for holiday hosting!

We remodeled the kitchen before we moved in this summer then we ended up having to redo our backsplash a couple of months ago.



It was an unfortunate turn of events but I’m so happy with how it turned out!

Sleep More

Once the large projects were completed, I had the ShelfGenie Team come in to help us maximize our cabinet space. We have a lot of cabinets to work with, but several of them had wasted space.

As much as we use our kitchen, I wanted to make sure it was fully functional!

We opted for a new trash can pullout, a vertical pull out from baking sheets and cutting boards, pull out shelves for pots and lids and my personal favorite, Piper’s colorful cabinet!

Sleep More

Previously Piper would pull out everything in the cabinet to find the cup or bowl she wanted to use. I was constantly picking up bowls, cups, and plates off the floor.

It was becoming such a hassle but after adding the glide out shelves, she’s able to pull the shelves out and see everything inside the cabinet.

She picks out whatever she’s looking for, pushes the shelves back in, and shuts the cabinet door.  Such a game-changer!