The Ultimate Porcelain Countertops Q & A

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During our remodel process I shared on instagram stories about how we were installing porcelain countertops in our new kitchen, several people wanted to know the reasoning behind our decision so I asked for you guys to send in questions!

We are super happy with how the kitchen turned out and couldn’t recommend Stone Coverings and La Nova enough!



We made the decision after experiencing the upkeep with the marble countertops in our last house. We both love the big veins and variation in marble but wanted something that would last long term.

why did you choose porcelain countertops over granite, quartz or marble?

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They’re a part of the engineered stone family. Porcelain is made from kaolinite clay baked in extreme heat (1200 – 1400 °C) to harden it into a dense and highly durable material.

what are porcelain countertop anyway?

Porcelain can handle any food and drink spilled pretty well. Although NO surface is 100% stain-proof porcelain comes close.

how do porcelain countertops handle spilled rose and queso?

As we mentioned above, porcelain countertops are manufactured at extremely high temperatures so it can take the heat.

can i put hot things on my porcelain countertops?

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The price for porcelain slabs falls within a similar range as granite level 4 and brand name quartz. The cost for fabrication and installation is higher than granite and quartz.

cost comparison

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