Everything You Need To Know About Porcelain Countertops


  1. sandro says:

    I installed porcelain countertops and love the look. I was worried about the fact the material is only 12mm thick but my fabricator assured me it was not a problem and so I went ahead with it. I’ve had it installed for about 3 months now and the issue I have is that there are several chips along the interior perimeter of the sink, this is from hitting (by accident of course) the sides when scrubbing pots and pans. These chips are a real sore and I’m very disappointed about that especially since it hasn’t been too long since we had our kitchen remodeled.

  2. Leslie says:

    Just looking for an update on how your beautiful porcelain countertops are holding up. I am about to put my order in to start fabrication and I’m nervous.

  3. Kalik Collin says:

    I want to use the porcelain countertops in my kitchen. But was unknown about it. Your blog delivers all the information about it. I started following your blog because of sharing such an informative post,

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