Piper's Farm Animal Birthday Party

Cake & Confetti

Someone on Instagram asked me to share my inspiration and thought process behind the party so here goes!

I struggled to figure out how to put my colorful spin on a more rustic theme but after spending some time browsing Spoonflower, I found this pink and red plaid fabric and fell in love!



I loved the various shades of pink and the poppy red. Then I ordered a few other fabrics from the same designer and my amazing mom stitched the table runners and pillows.

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I’ve linked the sources on my inspiration board if you’re considering a farm animal birthday party for your little one!

Party Details 

Once I nailed down the color scheme, everything else started to fall into place. I found a few cute farm inspired games for young kids on Pinterest and put my own spin on them!

Fishing Hole

We had a “fishing hole”, basically a ball pit with magnetic fish and poles.

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I borrowed the whitewashed barn from my friend and photographer, Paige Beitler. Then I used strips of plastic tablecloths from Arne’s (local party store) to create a colorful photo opp!

Balloons Garlands

I did the balloons garlands myself with the help of my mom.   We secured the balloon garlands to the fence using twine and a nail. 


The party was at 3 pm so we served light snacks, sweet treats, and drinks for the adults and kiddos! I gave all the food cute name: tractor tires (mini oreos), chicken feed (chex mix), hay bales (rice crispy treats), and fence posts (veggie straws).

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