Pastel Jungle Inspired Nursery

Cake & Confetti

I have a few separate how-to posts coming with details on the wall mural and custom carpet but in the meantime, I’m sharing how I took my inspiration board and turned it into the finished room!

I went back and forth for a month or so on what to do with the walls. Originally I thought about wallpaper on all four walls but the room is small and it would’ve been a huge investment.

inspiration board



I love the cont rast and how the wallpaper mural and decor accents around the room tie in both colors.

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We added carpet with texture but it’s all the same color versus a patterned area rug.

keep the floor simple

The color palette in the nursery I was inspired by the HGTV HOME by Sherwin- Williams Softer Side Color Collection available at Lowe’s.

use complementary colors

It helps small spaces seem larger and brighter because light bounces off the white. Light blue seemed like the natural choice for the ceiling and reminds me of the sky.

the color tone is important

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Another amazing thing about the color collections is you can use them as a guide when choosing other decor and furniture for the space.

The colors from the Softer Side Color Collection inspired me to choose this specific jungle wallpaper mural and the lion painting on the opposite wall. 



Normally I’d be concerned about this many colors tying together in a room but the Color Collection helped me visualize how everything flows together.

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