Healthy  St. Patty's Toddler Snacks

Cake & Confetti

We have our St. Patty’s playdate coming up and I’m tasked with bringing some healthy toddler-friendly snacks.

As you guys know, I’m all about pulling together store-bought items and I have to say, both Piper and I are pretty jazzed about how everything turned out!



I’m grateful Piper likes veggies most days but I’ve found when I present them in fun ways, she’s more excited to try them.

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I used sugar snap peas, green peas, green cauliflower (Piper’s favorite!), mini endive leaves with a veggie cream cheese spread, and sliced cucumbers.

For The Raw Veggie Tray

For The Dip

I flipped over the bottom of the green pepper and sliced off the base. Then I cleaned out the seeds with a spoon and poured in homemade ranch dip.

You can never go wrong with noodles when it comes to kiddos so I used my air fryer to make crispy spinach tortellini.

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I found this serving tray recently and I loved how much it looks like a rainbow! I layered a variety of fruits all cut in toddler-friendly sizes plus a few fun toppings to act as clouds and a granola pot of gold.

Rainbow Yogurt ParFait

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When you’re ready to serve, fill small bowls with a few scoops of yogurt then add all the toppings!