Up Your Curb Appeal By Painting Your Front Door

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When we moved into our house last summer the whole thing was painted brown.

It didn’t match our style so we painted it a very light grey with light trim. 



The only thing we didn’t paint was the front door. I wanted to be 100% sure of the color before we moved forward with the project so we ended up leaving it stained.

I knew I wanted some shade of blue for the front door but I can be easily overwhelmed by color options. 

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I’m sharing a few of my tips and tricks below to make painting your front door a less overwhelming project!

Instead of painting the sample directly on the door, I like to paint on a thick piece of white paper. This allows you to move the sample around so you can see how the colors look differently from lighting.

Always Test Out the Colors before Committng

If you have scratches or peeling paint you’ll want to sand it down so you start with a fresh, smooth surface.

Start with a Clean Surface

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If you have press and seal plastic wrap in your kitchen, it comes in handy to easilt cover windows!

Cover the Windows and Hardware

The paint went on smooth and the primer combo created full coverage strokes with one coat.

Use A Paint and Primer Combination

What do you think about the finished front door?