Toddler Snack Time On The Go

Cake & Confetti

Now that Piper is a super active toddler, we’re constantly on the go! 

I love watching her explore, collect treasures (i.e. acorns and rocks) at the park, make animal noises at the zoo, and play with other kiddos during playdates!



I know development is super important right now, so we’re doing our best to get her out of the house and experiencing new things—even if it’s exploring in our backyard.

Sleep More

I’ve been on the hunt for easy and healthy snacks Piper likes that will also hold up well in her little snack box.

She’s typically open to trying new things but is super decisive when she doesn’t like something. Meals are typically simple with fruit, veggies, cheese and protein but it’s harder to find healthy prepackaged snacks

Once I found out Gerber recently launched an organic line, I knew we had to try it!

Sleep More

I feel good about what she’s eating and she enjoys it, too!

She loves having her snack while she’s playing outside on gorgeous days like this, so I assembled one of our current favorite healthy snack boxes!