How To Throw A Blind Rose Tasting Party

Cake & Confetti

I went to a blind rosé tasting party with my girlfriends.

We had so much fun and I wanted to share with you how to throw a similar party for your gal pals!



Rosé is nicknamed summer water so now’s the time to find a favorite to sip on for the next few months!

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This is a great way to bring some friends together to try a few different brands and truly decide which ones you like without being skewed by the label.

What You'll Need:

- Wine Glasses - Cooling Pour Spout - Tasting Notes Template - Linen Wine Bags - Plant Sponges and Brushes - Bites Snacks - Rose Wines

DIY  Stamped Wine Bags

You can use simple brown paper bags to cover up the bottles. I used various shaped stamps with colorful paint to make designs that looked like confetti.

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How to Host the Tasting?

The reason this is a blind tasting is that many bottles and colors of the wine are recognizable which doesn’t allow you to make an unbiased decision about the wine.

Picking the Right Wines

You can pick a selection of bottles in different price points. Five varieties should be enough for the tasting and depending on the size of the party.

Party Snacks

* Cheese Board * Margarita Pizza * Burrata with crispy prosciutto