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Barefoot Dreams Robe: I throw on this robe when I get up to feed Lila during the night and first thing in the morning.

For Mama:

Ice Pads: No explanation needed but a necessity for the first couple weeks!



Pump Bra Attachment: This bra attachment allows you to turn any nursing bra with clips into a hands free pumping bra. Super convenient!

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Nipple Butter: It helps reduce the friction so it no longer hurts to pump!

Tummy Compression Leggings: The high rise fit and compression waistband helps hold it all in!

Breastfeeding Drops: These don’t taste great but they seriously work! I take 1/2-1 dropper in the morning and at night.

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Glass storage bottles: We use Comotomo bottles to feed but the silicone takes longer to heat. We try to avoid heating up anything in plastic so these glass bottles have been great for us.

For Baby:

Mustela Cleaning Water: Lila’s baby acne was bad the first few weeks but this really helped! I would pump the water onto a cotton pad and rub on her face twice a day.

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