Low Carb Cocktails for the Holidays

Cake & Confetti

The next couple weeks are a complete whirlwind of parties and gatherings till the New Year. Not only will we have Christmas happy hours, parties with friends and family gatherings, but Piper’s first birthday was earlier this week and I am a Christmas baby.

All the cookies and cocktails will add up, so I thought it would help by not “drinking” too many calories. Keto and low carb is a really popular trend right now where many are seeing awesome results.

I rounded up some great cocktail recipes that are keto or low carb so you can still enjoy yourself during this festive time, but now gulp all the calories

black beauty

Recipe by: Peace Love and Low Carb

This vodka cocktail has two unexpected flavors with black pepper and blackberries. The colors are perfect for the holidays by adding some mint for garnish.



keto friendly eggnog

Recipe by: The Hungry Elephant

Eggnog is a classic cocktail for the holidays, I love the idea to use sugar substitute instead of all the real sugar.

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white wine spritzer

Recipe by: Lowcarb-ology

Sugar-free gingerale and a few cranberries give this cocktail a little bit of sparkle.

skinny frozen margarita

Recipe by: gnom gnom

Like I mentioned, margaritas can have tons and tons of calories due to all the sugar.

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