How To Create An Organized Pantry On a Budget

Cake & Confetti

If you follow along on Instagram Stories you know I’ve been working with Ellen of Southern Sequence to organize different areas of our home!

Staying organized doesn’t come naturally to me so when we moved this summer I knew I needed to enlist the help of a professional!



If you’re in Houston and looking for help organizing one of your spaces, I highly recommend her!

Sleep More

We organized my office, the garage, master closet, and pantry! I have to say one of my favorite areas we tackled together was the pantry

I love how it turned out so I asked Ellen to share a few tips on how to recreate at home!!

Create Zone

Store items that are used together near each other. For example, you might have a shelf dedicated to meals with three bins for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Sleep More

As long as they are made of the same or a complementary material this will help everything look cohesive, and keep visual clutter at bay!

Use Cohesive & Complimentary Finishes

When possible display colorful items in a ROYGBIV pattern. This comes in handy with kid foods as they are typically very colorful!


Consider Shelf Height

If your kiddos are of age to help themselves to meals and snacks, store them on a lower shelf for easier access.