Halloween Cocktail Roundup

Cake & Confetti

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (and basically all of October, November and December)! 

I love getting to decorate the porch but I love even more to make the fun food and drinks to celebrate the spooky day!



A couple years ago I made these Mad Scientist Inspired Cocktails and they were such a fun twist on my normal girly cocktails. I’ve been searching the internet to find more fun and spooky inspired cocktails.

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voo doo punch

I’m a sucker for the blood and guts- Halloween only though! These cocktails are so creative and perfect for the occasion. The “bloody” syringe takes it to the next level!

This Witches Brew is right up my alley. Four easy ingredients- pineapple juice, cranberry juice, sprite and rum. Super easy, delicious and the perfect color for Halloween!

witches brew

For the adults, you can spike the ice cubes with a little vodka and for the kiddos just make colored water with gummy worms.

gummy worm ice cubes

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This one looks absolutely amazing to me! I started reading the recipe and the first ingredient is lime sherbet- SOLD!

witch’s potion

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