How To Create An Organized Pantry On a Budget

Cake & Confetti

We moved into our new home two months ago and even though we’re still getting settled, we’re taking steps to create a smarter home!

We installed the bulbs first in the playroom, Piper’s bedroom and my office where we have lamps but we’re stocking up for the rest of the rooms  



I thought the main benefit was to be able to turn lights on and off when we’re away from the house but after playing around with the Sengled app paired with Alexa, they provide peace of mind for so much more!

Sleep More

We have routines set on the app so we can ensure all the lights are off upstairs without having to go up there.

We have a ton of can lights around our home – 90 to be exact!! We originally planned to have an electrician add a dimmer but switching out the bulbs will be much more economical long term.

Now that I have a Sengled hub, I just have to purchase the bulbs.

Sleep More

We are stocking up on the large bulbs for our can lights and some others for lamps around the house.

I shared some details about the Sengled bulbs on IG stories over the weekend and a few people asked if you can use an Echo Dot with Alexa in a different room

Yes, you can!  You can also dim the lights on the app as well if you don’t have an Echo Dot with Alexa in the same room.