The Ultimate  Backyard Turf  Q & A

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One of my most asked questions on Instagram is about the turf in our backyard.

It was definitely an investment but it’s beyond worth it in our opinion! We spend so much time outside, we decided to wait on remodeling any of the bathrooms when we moved in and fixed up the backyard instead!



What’s the backyard turf installation process?

 – Remove sod, as necessary – Install weed barrier – Cover area with crushed granite base, graded to existing landscape & drainage flow

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– Compact base – Install artificial turf with metal spikes – Install sand on top of turf

YES! Piper has sensitive skin and the turf has decreased the amount of bugs in the backyard. Plus it drains super fast so we’re able to play outside after the rain without getting muddy.

Are you glad you went with turf?

We have a lawn crew blow it off when they mow the front yard once a week. During fall months when a lot of leaves are falling, we use a leaf blower to clear leaves and branches off the turf.

What does the maintenance for your backyard turf look like?

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Cleaning up dog poop is just as easy as on real grass. We use plastic bags and pooper scooper!

What does pet clean up look like on your backyard turf?

We paid $12,600 for 1,680 square feet which comes to $7.50/sq foot.

How much was the turf in your backyard?

Is backyard turf soft?

Yes! It’s very soft!