Movie Night at Home

Cake & Confetti

We usually watch a movie as a family on Saturday evenings, but with all the time we are spending at home. Lately, we’re watching more movies now than ever.

I’m always looking for ways to keep things fun for all of us, especially when Piper chooses the same movie, nine times out of ten!



For our movie night, I put together a snack tray with freshly popped popcorn and all the fixin’s! As soon as I saw the Dash Popcorn Maker I fell in love with the fun color and sleek design

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I always love appliances that are pretty enough to leave out on the counter and this definitely fits the bill!

Piper loves to help in the kitchen so she was thrilled when I let her pour the kernels into the popcorn maker

She acted like it was Christmas morning when it starting popping into the bowl! Then I poured melted butter over the popcorn bowl and a sprinkle of sea salt.

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I’m pleasantly surprised by how much better the fresh popcorn tastes compared to the stuff out of a bag!

I loaded up the Pantone Folding Tray with the popcorn bowl, mini chocolate chips, peanut butter trail mix, and chocolate candies for our movie night.

When we were ready to start the movie, I brought the tray to the couch and set it on the stand.