Egg Chair Floral Garland DIY

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Egg chairs are super trendy right now and they’re super fun indoors or out.

My friend, Michelle asked for my help to decorate the egg chair in her studio.



This particular floral garland would be the perfect focal point for a shower or birthday this spring. Or you could use faux flowers and keep the garden party going all spring!

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Here’s how to make this on your own…

* Faux garland * Floral wire * Scissors * Fresh or faux blooms


- Cut 4 inch pieces of your floral wire. - Wire two faux greenery garlands around the edge of your chair. 


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- Create bouquets of 6-10 blooms and wire together. - Twist the wire of each bouquet along the edge of your chair until your garland is full.

- Fill in any hole with leftover flowers and greens.

That’s it!

Floral garlands can seem like a hard DIY project to handle. But if you follow these simple instructions, you’ll see just how fun and easy it is to make a floral garland for any occasion!

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