Easily Improve Your Home's Air Quality

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How often do you change your air filters? I’m embarrassed to admit before this month, we only changed them a couple of times a year. Yuck!

Switching out our air filters is one of the chores I always forget. I can see the dirt on the tile floor and know it’s time to mop but with the air filters tucked away, they are out of sight, out of mind.



I had no idea how much dirty filters were affecting our air quality until recently. Last month I learned about a Texas-based company, Homestock USA.

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They’re a premier air filtration delivery service that automatically delivers air filters to your doorstep when it’s time to change them! Pollen, mold, dust, and pet dander contribute to the poor air quality in your home.

How To Improve Air Quality In Home with HomeStock USA Filters

How It Works

Visit HomestockUSA.com Choose your filter size They offer more than 40 sizes of filters in 3 different MERV ratings to choose from.

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Set Your Delivery Schedule Choose how often you want your filters delivered. You can choose monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, etc!

Receive Your Filters at Your Door

A box of brand new air filters is delivered & automatically reminds you to change them!

Life is hectic enough as it is but I breathe a little easier knowing that our air is clean for our family.