DIY  Fire Pit

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Anyone else getting bored of doing the same old thing these days?

After living through one of the worst natural disasters in Texas history (my heart, prayers, and support continue to go out to anyone still suffering!) and continuing to live through the pandemic, 



I’m feeling the need to get creative and come up with some new things for my family and I to look forward to doing. One idea I came up with was a DIY fire pit that we could use indoors to make s’mores.

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Trust me, this DIY project is a lot easier than it sounds and is something that even kids can help with.  Here’s what you do!

- Shallow outdoor terracota pot - Paint brushes - canned flame - landscaping rocks

materials needed:

Using your acrylic craft paint and brushes, paint a fun designs on your pot to make it more colorful. Then place your pot in a safe, out of reach, place and let dry. 

Step 1-Paint Your Pot

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Once your pot is dry, fill it to the top with your landscaping rocks.

Step 2-Fill Your Pot with Rocks

Take your canned flame and put it in the center of your rocks. 

Step 3-Place Your Canned Flame

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