Craft Closet Revamp

Cake & Confetti

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I LOVE color and crafts.

That being said, I have craft supplies in literally every color of the rainbow but am storing them in a small craft closet right outside our playroom.



Aside from storing all our crafts, this closet is also a catchall for games and random toys too! But now that Piper is super into arts and crafts, I decided to give this space a good facelift and make everything more organized and accessible.

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Here’s how I organized everything…

Placed small wire hooks on the inside of the closet door and hung one pair of scissors on each hook.

I put all of my tape on a white dowel and then tied some baker’s twine to each end of the dowel and hung the twine from a command hook that I had placed on the inside of closet door just below the scissors.

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Just like the scissors, tape, and twine, I also hung my paint brushes on the inside of our closet door.  When it comes to small spaces, I’m all about maximizing as much of the usable space as possible

I decided that using a tiered bar cart would be best for our most used items.  Sticking with my goal of accessibility, I purchased clear acrylic storage bins, filled each one with a specific craft item, and then placed the bins on the cart.

The back of our closet has a panel that I didn’t want people to see every time they opened the closet. So, I came up with idea of spacing out Command quarts spring clips hooks on it and then hanging colorful cardstock paper from each clip.

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